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Strategic Philanthropy Ltd.'s Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

In the newest episode of our monthly Podcast series: Giving Insights®, Ron Varney, founder and President of Ronald Varney Fine Art Advisors, and Susan Winer, COO and Co-Founder of Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., will explore: How the Pandemic Has Changed the World of Art and Collectibles. They will discuss:

  • What has changed in the art market in terms the art interests, ways in which art is sold, and who is buying
  • How museums have been affected by the Pandemic and changing art world
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for buyers
  • How using art and collectibles to fund charitable gifts has become even more popular

You will be able to find our Podcast Series; Giving Insights® on our website or anywhere you go to listen to podcasts.